Winter Solace

'Glory façade
Glory is light, light gives joy,
And joy is the happiness of the spirit'

Antoni Gaudí

The winter equinox is often associated with darkness, a sense of solitude and a monochrome aesthetic. The opposite was the case in the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona where the glowing light cascaded into the main hall and rejuvenated all within giving a sense of unity, hope and optimism for the future.

The prism of vibrant hues represented the diversity of pilgrims and visitors gathered in one place at one time. We were all simultaneously bathed in the comforting warmth of incomprehensible beauty around us as we stood in awe of the other worldly aura of the space.

We were struck by the idea that the moment encapsulated what can be achieved by a multitude of people collaborating their energy and talent over time to create something phenomenal. Their collective vision is still being built, it is alive, growing and breathing as it creeps tentatively towards completion in 2020.

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