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Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skilful execution.’ John Ruskin

Recently, we have discovered some very talented people who make and create in London, Brighton and Oxford of course!

More specifically, a cultural visit to London involved traversing through Camden’s ‘Stables Market’ where the sound of laughter, repartee and industrious activity intrigued us. A shop front adorned with an array of leather bags and satchels in every imaginable hue showcased an effective and impressive display of hand made artisan goods. It transpired that the owners of M and M Leather Workshop were equally as vibrant as their beautiful hand made bags.

The enthusiasm and pride they had for their amazing bespoke leather products (aprons, purses, Macbook sleeves, ruck sacks and satchels) was evident and the narrative of their journey to establish a successful family run business showed a tight knit team of artisans driven towards the success of their enterprise. What also became apparent was how their skills and craftsmanship was undeniably encapsulated in the high quality finish of their products.

We watched in awe as the craftsman went about stamping the distinctive embossed stallion logo onto the front panel of a satchel. He went on to add a personalised name tag to the inside of the bag and crafted 2 leather key fobs for his already enthralled customers. His industry attracted spectators who were fascinated by his craft and observed him work the leather with flair and dexterity as if it was the most natural and easy thing to do, when it clearly must have taken many years to achieve that level of expertise and confidence in his creative endeavour.

It became evident that there are three key elements to M and M Leather Workshop’s success. The first is creativity and skill, the second is enjoying the interaction with their customers and the third is the production of a first class quality product. This struck a chord and made such an impression that we would very much like to thank the guys at M and M and wish them every success for 2018.

More on the other finds to follow…

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