There are No Traffic Lights in the Countryside

We seem to be experiencing a renaissance of the countryside. This idea is compounded by the plethora of articles and posts accompanied by idyllic images lyricising about rural utopia. There is a clear cultural shift from the idea of the city to the countryside, where a palpable sense of rebirth is permeating our creative and professional psyches. So too, attention turns to the custody of land and natural habitat, as for too long it has been out of focus.

Artisan crafts and traditional methods of production along with local materials are being used in new ways that sustain and promote the idea of quality and aesthetics. More workspaces, businesses and enterprises are growing amongst the hedgerows and bringing a sense of life and vitality to sleepy rural communities.

Charles Dickens once commented that, ‘It is impossible to walk in the countryside without musing’. He saw the mind as a landscape that must be free to explore ideas and concepts in order to be productive. I wonder what he would have thought about the red, amber and green lights that tell us when to stop, and when to go and control our movement as well as our minds?

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