The Regenerative Properties of Frozen Peas

This is a cautionary tale about how inspiration and impetus can be found in the most unexpected places. In this case, the context was a rather tired and dysfunctional kitchen with a rather tired and dysfunctional cook who managed to quite spectacularly kill the cooker by leaving a saucepan of frozen peas on the boil resulting in dire consequences.

Now the prospect of replacing the deceased apparatus was dreary to say the least but necessity prevailed and there was no other choice but immediate action. So the cooker killer sat down and began to sketch (a novel approach I know, but Architects always work everything out with a pencil) and produced an image of a whole new concept as a strategy to deal with the odious task we were faced with… At that precise moment the kitchen was reinvented.

Before you could say ‘Jack Robinson’ a replacement had been sourced, the kitchen had been painted from floor to ceiling, new lighting had been installed and storage solutions and workspace had been procured from a reputable Nordic outlet. The finishing touches involved spray painting the dishwasher on a very windy day and sanding down some old scaffold planks for shelves. The kitchen was now resplendent.

The reconfiguration was both transformative and revolutionary with a colour scheme that plays tribute to our old and dearly departed friend. Anyway, there are a few lessons to be learnt here. Firstly, there is always potential for triumph in adversity, creativity can often come from avoiding what you don’t want to do and creating a new project and last but in no way least never underestimate the regenerative powers of frozen peas.

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