The Past Resonates in Bloom

One of the team, recently shared an anecdote about how they were lucky enough to have met Roald Dahl as child.

After devouring most of his material, it was decided that 'James and the Giant Peach' was their favourite tale. Then something fantastic occurred and it was announced that he was to visit their school and read from that exact much loved story.

The excitement was unbearable, but when Mr Dahl arrived at school, he was utterly terrifying! A huge man with a presence that could cut through steel. He fixed his pale razor eyes upon his audience and the whole congregation shrunk in terror and an eerie hush prevailed. Then he began to read and the hall was transformed into an electric enchanted wonderland. 

This memory made such an impression that when the studio was completed and the finishing touches were planted in the walled garden, it seemed only fitting to embed a Roald Dahl rose from the David Austin collection.

The colour of the rose is reminiscent of the dusky hue of the eponymous peach. True to form, this rose's structural magnificence, delicate beauty and pervading scent shrouds the hidden thorns which have the ability to wound. So it would seem that the past really does resonate in the strangest and magical of ways.

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