The Not So Reclusive Artist

The Tate glossary defines collage rather dryly as ‘Both the technique and the resulting work of art in which pieces of paper, photographs, fabric and other ephemera are arranged and stuck down to a supporting surface’

This is not how we would describe Brighton based Karen Constance’s artwork which is vibrant, textural and hilarious in equal measures. She layers images of animals and representations of the female form with folklore, nature and 1970’s photography with the odd optical illusion thrown in for good measure. The result is wild visual juxtapositions that command attention and are utterly delightful. 

Karen doesn’t limit herself to one medium she is also a musician and sometimes designs wonderful T-shirts for The Vampire’s Wife fashion house. Her life is a collage of artistic endeavour and she is a great example of the idea of freedom of expression and indeed commercial success. The great thing is that Karen makes a living out of making art and when someone buys one of her creations their gaze adds another layer of meaning. 

So although the Tate glossary gives a very technical definition of collage Karen Constance clearly takes the concept to another level by bringing together a diverse range of influences and techniques to produce art that is both unique and thought provoking.

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