Sunbeams and Shopping Trolleys

Shards of evening sunlight flood a desolate supermarket wasteland inhabited by a committee of abandoned shopping trolleys. As the sun sets, these rays of energy are replaced by the beams of headlights darting and screeching tyres as the car park becomes a playground for a short moment. The effect is surreal and evokes fleeting contemplation and reflection.

This image is a momentary visual representation of counterpoint, a concept that has compelled artists through-out time. The ethereal beauty and warmth of the beams of light against the utility and ugliness of the trolleys propels our sense of being out of the everyday and towards the extraordinary.

Sometimes this happens in life, where paths cross or trajectories collide to create a special moment of inspiration or creativity. When this occurs they are unmistakably profound and remind us of the force of coincidental ingenuity...or is it something else entirely.


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