Sound and Vision

A couple of weeks ago, Kieran Hebden, under his moniker, Four Tet, returned for a stint of shows at Village Underground, London. 5,376 LED lights hung from above forming an ethereal cube that draped over himself and the audience, creating a temporary volume within the space and an experience like no other. Where most live music shows consist of a ‘lighting marvel’ that is observed from at a distance, the lighting here, provided by Squidsoup, resulted in a shift from observer to participator. As the lights pulsated across the room, so too did the music; surround-sound speakers had heavenly melodies ricocheting from every direction, further adding to the sensation of a shared dreamlike space.

There was an inherent simplicity to the show, but with a great deal of technical skill behind it no doubt. However, this simplicity and precise execution resulted in an experience that was much more, it was complex, enriching, visceral.

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