Innovators in Building Homes

We design and build homes, creating beauty and place.

In understanding that Architecture is as much about People as it is about buildings, we help realise clients’ ultimate vision by involving them in the shaping of design to be forward thinking, contextually responsive, and forming their future in a responsible way. 

Home is a necessity and is fundamental to our well-being. Home is shelter, responding to the environment and providing for our physical, mental & emotional health. Home provides space for social connections, for both interacting and retracting.

We create single bespoke new homes and multi-residential developments, resulting in a number of new homes. Our mission is to build truly affordable homes in the South East for sale on the open market.

Our Philosophy 

The process of building has never been simple and, with a variety of evolving complexities, it continues to challenge. Significant amounts of time, energy and cost form the basis of every project.  Therefore creating designs that suit their purpose and context, whilst being forward thinking and long-lasting, is of the greatest importance.  Beauty - through idea, creation of space, proportion and use of material - underlines all design decisions and brings joy to those involved.

At Paul Southouse Architects, we work with individuals, companies and institutions to navigate the various stages of the creative and building process to realise their vision. In experimenting and exploring ideas that push the accepted boundaries, we are always learning, developing and shaping the future.

Established in 2016 and following many years of successful practice, we embarked on building our own studio in 2017 just outside Oxford. As time progressed and our Practice grew, we moved back into central Oxford.  We are a growing team who bring a broad range of skills and experience using our creativity in both analogue and digital mediums, valuing the physical above all else.

We believe architecture is about people, therefore we shape design together; listen, see, think, talk and explain, approaching each project individually. Through this collaborative approach we create and produce designs that are contextually responsive and look to the future in a responsible way.

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