Free Spirit of the Age…

Creativity is often associated with challenging rules and subverting constraints, but true innovation comes from being unique without trying to kick back against those tedious conventions.

Magnus Walker is a walking talking (yes, talking) example of a free spirit whose honesty and renegade persona makes things really happen. He describes himself as a creative and is known for his love of Porsches, but is also a successful clothing designer and hires his properties out to film makers. None of this was planned or orchestrated, it was all a by product of following his own sense of destiny. He has achieved phenomenal success by being true to himself, living his life and most importantly retaining an obvious sense of integrity.

We met Magnus and noticed that he was clearly a man of the people and was interested and genuinely inspired by individuals, stories and above all has an infectious lust for life. His 'Urban Outlaw' title now seems to be more of a nod to the idea of a modern day cowboy following a wandering star rather than a angry anarchist with something to prove.

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