Building Visit

RIBA Award Winning Warwick Hall, Burford

Recently, we were fortunate enough to attend a fascinating talk and tour of Warwick Hall in Burford that was part of the RIBA’s Great British Buildings tour.

We were impressed with the effective use of materials that connected the old with the new creating both an attractive and functional space. Every room was unique and slightly askew which was a refreshing departure from the cliche of municipal spaces being uniform and repetitive.

Our erudite and enthusiastic guide presented the client’s perspective with a fastidious attention to detail and enormous sense of pride. What came across is that the brief and final outcome really focused on the diverse requirements of the local community.

Every element was carefully considered from play areas, a space for family events and a large hall with fantastic acoustics for musical concerts. Amongst all this provision for vibrant activity, Warwick Hall remains a warm and peaceful sanctuary for all who visit.

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